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Make your will.

Attorney-drafted, all online. Get the best of both worlds.

Taking care of the people who are important to you after you're gone is a job that's too important to leave to a website or a fill-in-the-blanks form.

We offer an attorney-drafted will that you can rely on, without all the hassle or expense.

You deserve a will that's been done right.

Your will doesn't have to be complicated just because it's important. You can get it done right, by an attorney, without the need for multiple trips to a law office (and the cost that comes with it). We've been drafting wills for years, and we treat each case with the same high level of care, regardless of whether you're in our office, on the phone, or online.


Why choose us?

Assurance. Using online will-drafting software results in a long, complicated legal document and zero assurance that it’s been done right. I’ve reviewed, revised, and re-written so many of these wills for clients who had no confidence that their will was legally valid or that it actually accomplished their estate plan. Our wills are written by attorneys, not by computer programs. We stand behind our work.

Convenience. We can gather the information we need online, by phone, or by email, and all with no appointment necessary. We’ll work with your schedule and preferred method of communication.

Experience. We’ve been doing this a long time, and we know how to do it right. We focus on drafting wills with everything that you need, and nothing that you don’t. We work hard to keep simple wills simple, and we’ll tell you plainly when a simple will isn’t right for you.

Value. We use a flat rate that won’t be beat at a local attorney’s office, and the value we provide over an automated website will can’t be matched. You can get the best of both worlds: a will drafted and backed by an attorney, with a level of convenience and price that’s comparable to a will written by a website.

We stand behind our work. Our wills are written by attorneys, not by computer programs. And unlike an automated website, we carry professional malpractice insurance, and we’re regulated by the Virginia State Bar and the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia.


What we do:

  • You tell us about yourself, and how you want your estate distributed

  • We follow-up with any questions that we have, and then send first drafts

  • You can call email or call us with any questions or changes

  • Once everything is right, we send you final drafts and detailed instructions on how the documents should be signed

  • You can send us a copy to confirm that everything has been signed correctly

What we don't do:

  • Your will isn’t written by a computer

  • Your call or email doesn’t go to a call center – it goes to the helpful attorneys and paralegals at our family law office in Roanoke, Virginia

  • The process isn’t instant – your will is written by real people who work quickly, but not instantly, and not on nights, weekends, or holidays.


What Our Clients Say

My wife and I just got our wills signed today. He sent drafts for approval and was incredibly helpful walking us through the process. It ended up being less expensive than doing it online, and I have way more confidence on what we got. Definitely would recommend.


Roanoke, VA

James and the staff were extremely helpful and super pleasant to deal with. The will and powers of attorney were exactly what we needed, and the process was painless. I highly recommend.


Roanoke, VA

We did estate planning with Mr. Allen Steele. He reviewed things we had not thought of and really took our specific situation into account. Most of all, Allen is extremely friendly and easy to talk to. Thank you.


Botetourt, VA

We charge $275 for a simple will​, and we charge an additional $110 to add a reciprocal will for a spouse. Payment can be made only by credit or debit card, or by echeck.

  • Simple Will

    An affordable will that's right for nearly everybody
    • Name a guardian for your children
    • Add your spouse's will for only $110
    • Revisions are easy and inexpensive

What does it cost?

You’ve worked hard to care for your loved ones. You can make sure that your care for them continues.

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